After 24 successful years, hopey Bicycle Steering Dampers has officially closed its doors. To all of the hopey users worldwide, we cannot thank you enough for your patronage! We hope our steering damper has enhanced your riding experience and has kept you safe.. It is difficult to say goodbye so, we’ll see you out on the trail.

Please visit for your future bicycle steering damper needs.

Ride Happy!
Tim Hopey
The NEW hopey gravity is for serious DH use. It smoothes out the rock gardens, plants you firmly to rail a corner and instills unsurpassed stability and confidence. Beat your buddies to the bottom -- the NEW hopey gravity!
You’ve heard it before but this is true. The hopey increases pedaling efficiency by minimizing handlebar waggling when powering into the pedals. This propels you in a truer straight line between points A&B plus keeps your power in the pedal not throwing it away thru the waggling bars. And .. its great in combating those punishing crosswinds!
All Mountain, XC, 24hr

Up and down and all around. rocks trees mud logs sand and snow. You ride it all. Why not improve your ride with a hopey. Crash less, climb better, have more fun! And for you 24 hr folks, the hopey fends off those things that literally go bump in the night.

You are determined and you know how to keep moving forward. Kudos! Let hopey assist you with bicycling efforts. The hopey will hold your handlebars straight so you can focus on forging ahead.