NEW hopey gravity steering damper

For your downhill specific blasts.

Hi.. Tim Hopey here. Id like to take a moment to explain our new hopey gravity steering damper, but I first want to thank all of you that have used hopeys over the past several years. We have received countless accolades from you and we truly appreciate your patronage and enthusiasm. Thank you all very much!

Our new gravity is named such because its intended for those who like to blast downhill. The hopey gravity specifically offers no damping at low handlebar turning speeds because we understand that some riders do not want to feel damping when they are picking thru tight corners or rock gardens. Our gravity activates the damping at a handlebar turning speed equal to the maximum turning speed that a human can physically turn the handlebars, meaning gravity wont damp until your ride demands it.

Either our original or our gravity will give you miles of smiles, it is truly rider preference on what you want to feel or not to feel in your steering. Our years of experience and testing tell us that our original is preferred on smooth flowing slalom type runs and cross country rides because it holds the bars straight and helps you climb whereas our gravity is preferred in technical downhill runs.

The choice is yours.. The original hopey steering damper for all-mountain stability or our new hopey gravity steering damper for those downhill blasts!

Borrowing from a Coca-Cola slogan;

Live, Give, Love and Ride your little hearts out..

Tim Hopey